CrazyTalk 4 - CrazyTalk transforms digital photos into fully animated talking actors.                                     v3.5 Web Component

    Web Player & TTS Component (IE Only)

  Last update: 09/2007  

What is the CrazyTalk web player?

The CrazyTalk web player allows you to experience the full interactivity of CrazyTalk powered websites. This one-time install will ensure that you will always get the most from CrazyTalk on the web.

What is the TTS component?

The TTS (Text-to-Speech) Component can be embedded in a web page by placing some code in the HTML for the page. With an understanding of what each parameter controls, you can manually edit them to achieve the desired presentation within the HTML page itself. If you understand JavaScript or VB script, you can write routines to alter the parameter values by assigning or retrieving different values to call different Events.

Why should you install the CrazyTalk web player?

  • See the most interactive content on the web with the CT web player.
  • Easy to download one-time install
  • Automatically play any CrazyTalk web content.
  • View CrazyTalk content embedded into Microsoft Office documents.

CrazyTalk web player & TTS component for developers

  Installing the CrazyTalk Web Player & TTS Component


  • The CrazyTalk web player & TTS component will take a few moments to install.
  • After about few seconds you will be presented with a VeriSign certificate, this will authenticate that this component from Reallusion Inc. is genuine and safe to install.
  • When prompted select 'Yes' to accept the file and complete the install.



CrazyTalk Web Player

Current Release Version: v4.6.828.1

New Features:

  • CTM/CTS file quick load from download cache.
  • External visual control, mouth shape can be changed by JS in realtime.
  • Playback position control.

Control Panel Key:

Play Button; Press to begin playback
Stop Button; Press to stop playback

Pause Button; Press to pause playback

Version History:

v4.6 Released 07 September-28

- Defect; CrazyTalk player crashed in some rare condition in Vista OS.
- Defect; CrazyTalk output file embedded in MS PowerPoint can only be playbacked once

v4.5 Released 06 June-27

- Added; Support CrazyTalk 4.5 control point
- Added; Support CrazyTalk 4.5 crop function
- Added; Support user customized special effects
- Added; Audio quality for middle bit rate
- Enhanced; Visual quality of mouth and eyelids
- Defect; VB crash problem
- Defect; Blank display area in some cases

v4.1 Released 06 JAN-10

- Added; Firefox compatibility
- Added; Microsoft Office Object for PowerPoint compatibility
- Enhanced; Audio sound quality and compression quality
- Enhanced; Smaller file size
- Enhanced; Updated sound performance of CrazyTalk Messengers
- Enhanced; Lip-sync animation performance increased

v4.0 Released 05 July-04

- Added; Property Page
- Added; Data Embeded in Office Document
- Added; Background Image Setting, BorderStyle property
- Added; More interactive function, Head, Eyeball, Shoulder can be changed by JS in realtime.
- Added; ExProperty property, low-level contorl ex. frame rate
- Added; ModelCached event, notify the model data is cached
- Added; ScriptScahed event, notify the script data is cached
- Added; Cache control and sequence playback function, will be supportted on next version.
- Changed; TJM file --> CTM file, TPS file --> CTS file
- Changed; WordPosition event --> AudioSync event
- Changed; TJMName property --> ModelName property
- Changed; TPSName property --> ScriptName property
- Changed; Pause event --> Pausing event
- Changed; Stop event --> Stopping event
- Changed; StartPlay event --> Playing event
- Removed; LoadTJM function
- Removed; LoadTPS function
- Removed; TTS function. TTS function is enabled by CrazyTalk TTS component.
- Removed; TextChange event. TextChange event is controlled by CrazyTalk TTS component.
- Removed; AudioChannel property